Charge your EV

How it works

How to Charge your EV

Select your preferred charging method that best suits your needs and preferences

1. Download Voltron App

  • Take control of your electric vehicle charging experience like never before with the all new Voltron EV Charging App. Find the nearest charging stations, enjoy cashless payment, and monitor your charging sessions in real time.
Download Ilustration

2. Park, check and plug in the connector

  • Once you have arrived at the station, park your EV on the side where the charging port is positioned. Pay attention to the connector type specified on the parking spot. Make sure that the connector is suitable for your EV’s charging port.
Park and Check Ilsutration

3. Start your charging session

  • Scan the QR Code on the charger with the Voltron App OR find the charging station in the Voltron App, then select the charger based on the number on the station. Match the number of the charger with the number in the app (insert example of charger number). Select the maximum kWH limit for the session. Verify your payment method, and slide your finger across the start charging button to start the charging process.
Start charging Ilustration

4. Charge and Monitor

  • After you start charging, information about the session will be displayed at the top of your phone's screen and on the charger. The charging will stop automatically once it reaches your session limit or if your car battery is full. To manually stop your charging session, slide the 'Stop' button within the Voltron app
Charge and Monitor

5. Return the Cable & Go

  • Unplug the nozzle and kindly return the charger, thus ensuring its availability for others. Your EV is now ready to go.
Return the Cable & Go