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EVCuzz Charging Network is now Voltron!

Voltron for Everyone

As a licensed SPKLU operator, Voltron is building one ecosystem for charging networks across Indonesia. Discover into Voltron’s impact on a better environment, and we strive to build accessible and sustainable electric transportation solutions.

Licensed SPKLU

Voltron holds the authorization & permission from Indonesia’s Government to operate as licensed EV charging station operator in Indonesia.

Advanced Technology

Need to fill up on the road? Enjoy a seamless charging experience through Voltron app. Everything is accessible via your smartphone.

One Ecosystem

Voltron is building one convenient ecosystem for charging network across Indonesia where you can effortlessly charge your EV at all locations.

The fastest growing SPKLU across Indonesia

Our goal is to provide a convenient, reliable charging network across Indonesia. Available in offices, malls, highways and residential areas.

Discover Chargers On-the-Go

Open Voltron app to quickly find the nearest charging station around you.

Find the number of available chargers, types and speeds at each location. Monitor your charging session in real time and enjoy seamless contactless payment.

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